About Gaya Luxe

Gaya Luxe is a luxury resort wear brand that creates elegant clothing for the feminine woman. 
At Gaya Luxe we create resort wear that you feel comfortable and confident in, day and night. Each piece of clothing becomes a staple for every woman’s wardrobe that desires to feel beautiful and comfortable at the same time.
With a high focus on quality, all Gaya Luxe collections are designed, dyed, cut and stitched in house and produced by hand in the tropics of Bali. All of our materials are meticulously sourced within Bali and Indonesia, assuring every piece is designed and handmade with love.
At Gaya Luxe we believe in giving back to the local community. We only work with local Bali artisans and local family run businesses that create each piece of clothing by hand, supporting their artisans craft. Similarly, all packaging is sourced and made locally. Keeping the whole process from design to package in Bali.

The Founders

Meet our co-founders Tia & Craig. With a love for travel and culture, born in Wales, UK, Tia and Craig found themselves on the Island of the Gods, Bali in 2020. After spending time in Thailand, Vietnam and Spain, they followed the call to Bali in January 2020. What they didn’t know is that Bali would become their home and source of inspiration for life and creating Gaya Luxe.

Tia Harding

Tia has always had a love for art and fashion design - feeling comfortable and elegant in her style. But, when she set off on her travels in 2017 she quickly realised how hot, sweaty, uncomfortable and non-confident she felt in her ‘travel clothes’. Tia moaned and groaned about the lack of clothes available while travelling. They were either too small, poor quality, mass produced or pure ugly.
Fed up with not feeling like herself, Tia was inspired to design her own clothing line that is comfortable to wear in the heat, looks elegant and feminine and is timeless in style. This is when Gaya Luxe was born.
Tia’s creativity, eye for design and love for clothing, met with Craig’s wealth of knowledge in Business and Marketing made the perfect match to create Gaya Luxe.