Summer Style Tips with Katie Hulland

Summer Style Tips with Katie Hulland

Tell us a little about yourself and why style is one of your passions?

Hi, I am Katie from Wales, UK. I am 31 and I am a Fashion & Lifestyle Content Creator. I am also a passionate traveller with a zest for life.

My favourite quote is : "You are only ever one decision away from a totally different life." I live by this motto in ever area of life!

I have ALWAYS loved to shop since I was young, and when I was a teenager I got into modelling and beauty pageant industry so very much surrounded by fashion and stick thin models. However I was always a size 12 UK so I was slightly bigger and clothes looked different on me and finding my own style was difficult when I was looking at size 0 Models for inspiration.

So, I took it upon myself to start sharing my own journey on social media of finding my style, which is ever evolving! As we are as humans.

As I shared clothes I loved and flattered my figure, I found I was not alone and many other women were happy to see style on a different body shape/type.

We are lucky that the industry has evolved alot since back in those days when I was growing up and now women of all bodies, shapes, sizes, ethnicity, hair colours, races are being represented which I AM BEYOND happy about! I Love this so much for the younger generations as much as myself and older generations.

I feel like style is an extended expression of our personalities. It is how we present ourselves to the world and who we choose to be. For me, dressing in a way that makes me happy enhances my confidence, mood and how I show up daily.


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How would you describe your summer style?

My summer style is typically pretty feminine floral dresses, neutral linens and classic styles that I can wear year after year. I am not one for following trends or fast fashion.


What is your inspiration for your style?

For me, I look for styles that make me feel confident, they are chic & classy. I always look for classic styles that are elegant with a touch of sexy. I love saving inspo I find on Pinterest and Instagram and then recreating the looks.

I also travel quite a bit so I love seeing different styles in different countries! I was recently in Croatia and it had a very classy, put together vibe so I took inspo for that whilst I was there, lots of blazers & wide leg trousers etc . I also love the more chilled boho vibe that you see in places like Mexico & Bali!


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Has this always been your style or has it changed over the years?

My style has evolved over the years as I have evolved as a human, but I think there has always been a feminine/girly aspect to my style. I think change is good and we should 100% push ourselves out of our comfort zones especially with our style!

One of my favourite things to do is order something that I love but typically think 'That wouldn't suit me' or 'I could never wear that' because the truth is you never know unless you try and it may become your favourite outfit that you feel phenomenal in.

What are your summer clothing essentials?

White linen dress, black midi dress, Birkenstocks, denim shorts, linen shirts, good quality bikinis, straw bag, straw hat and some chic sunnies.


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What was your most recent clothing purchase?

A white linen midi dress & neutral beige linen blazer both in the sale, I do love a bargain! They both can be worn a variety of ways and for different occasions. I always look for versatile pieces I can dress up or down and get as much wear out of as possible!


What is your favourite summer outfit for day and night?

I would usually say midi dress with sandals and straw bag for the day, then switch out the bag for a clutch and some heels for the night. But this year I am really loving a blazer & shorts combo!

I've been loving my lilac blazer, white bodysuit & lilac shorts as a combo. I feel like it looks so classy and also has a hint of sexy at the same time! I feel like a BOSS in a good fitting blazer! Pop on some mules for the day or chunky sandals and then swap to heels in the night.


What are your top 3 summer styling tips?

1. Wear what you feel comfortable in, there is nothing worse than being hot and uncomfortable. 

2. Save outfits you see online in a 'Summer Inspo' folder and then resort back to it when you are having one of those 'I don't know what to wear' moments. We all have them. 

3. If you see someone wearing something you love, TRY IT! There is a big chance it will look amazing on you too! :) 

We get one life, why not wear exactly what you want, and stop caring about what other may think!

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What tips and advice would you give to women who want to find or enhance their style?

TRY EVERYTHING! Honestly there are so many styles that are now part of my essential wardrobe that I thought I wouldn't or could never wear for example biker boots! 

I was literally like, ' I have wide feet, they are man-ly, only size 0 people look good in them.' I WAS WRONG! and now I LOVE THEM! 

Push yourself even if you feel uncomfortable, do it anyway because if you ask yourself, WHAT ACTUALLY COULD GO WRONG? The answer is NOTHING.

Nothing bad will happen, people won't stare or think why is she wearing that. The times I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone most is when I get complimented on my style by strangers. Also when you are abroad, it’s a really good time to push yourself as you wont even bump into anyone you know! 

Follow people online who have a similar size/shape body and get inspo from them. Unfollow anyone who makes you feel awful.

Take notice of what others wear, I love grabbing a coffee and just people watching! Especially in cities! London, Paris, but you really can do it anywhere. It’s just good to get inspo and see the different ways to wear things!

Where can people follow you for style tips and inspiration?

I would love to connect, so please reach out on Instagram, Tiktok and Youtube @katievictoriahulland 

You can also find me on Facebook @katiehulland 


 A note from Gaya Luxe

Thank you so much Katie for sharing your inspirational words about fashion and life. We love how your message in style is about empowering women to feel confident no matter their body shape or size! This message really resonates with us here at Gaya Luxe. 

We look forward to following your continued style tips and travel adventures!

With gratitude,

Gaya Luxe Team


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